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New Websites
We can quickly create a new, professional website that can be easily extended as your business needs change and grow. 

Existing Websites
We can convert your existing website into a website that is easier to maintain and extend as your business grows. 

Graphics and Logos
We can design, create, and improve new or existing graphics and logos to help your site attract more users and keep them coming back.

Web Solution Consulting
We offer consultation and advice on what web solution is right for your business, at very affordable rates.  We can also create custom web components specific to your business needs.
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How the CustomersInFocus Consulting Process Works  

CustomersInFocus can offer consultation and advice on what web solution is right for your business, at very affordable rates. The process for requesting and obtaining consultation services is:
   1. Send us a request about the consulting project with the Solution Request Form.
   2. CustomersInFocus will contact you shortly about your request and get further information for the project.
   3. After evaluating the project, CustomersInFocus will send you a bid with the project cost-estimation details.
   4. Once you've accept the bid (or re-negotiate it), notify CustomersInFocus that you've accepted the bid.
   5. CustomersInFocus will then work out a schedule/time-to-completion plan with you and begin work on your project.
   6. Upon completion of your project by CustomersInFocus, payment for all services rendered is expected. *
* CustomersInFocus may also accept other payment terms, provided they are negotiated before development begins.
Price Sheet  

New and Existing CMS-Based Web Solutions
Consulting and development rates for new CMS-based websites and the conversion of a traditional file-based website are basically the same. The amount of consulting you may need on your CMS-based website will be determined by your technical skills, your budget, and the amount of time you have to develop the website. CustomersInFocus provides affordable, flexible consulting services so that you can use our technical services as much or as little as you need to get your website to be the great looking one you want.

As the business markets become more competitive and more Internet-based, you'll want a website that can actually help you in your business processes and customer service, not just provide basic business information to your customers. And CustomersInFocus can help you get that dynamic, customer-friendly web solution that can help your business grow and thrive.
DotNetNuke Training $50 per hour
General Development $75 per hour
Page/Content Conversion $50 per page
Skin Conversion $200 per Skin
Website Consulting $50 per hour
Website Review/Testing $50 per hour

Graphics Development Services
CustomersInFocus also offers development services for graphics projects. Typical graphics projects include logo design and development, banner ad development, website images and banners, skins and containers for a CMS-based website. Also, our consulting services include the enhancement of existing website's graphics and images, regardless of whether the website is hosted by CustomersInFocus or another hosting provider. Our graphics tools include Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Flash MX, and other imaging software.
Skin Development $200 each
Containers $50 each
Logos $100 each
Other Graphics Projects $75 per hour

Consulting Services
The team at CustomersInFocus has over 7 years of professional software development experience. We primarily use Microsoft development tools and languages, such as Visual Studio .NET (v3.5, v2.0, and v1.1), Linq, WPF, ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, and ADO.NET. We develop both web applications and traditional Windows applications (also known as client-server apps). And since CustomersInFocus uses the DotNetNuke framework as our CMS provider, we also develop custom content modules for the CMS system.

In addition to the .NET framework, we are also very experienced in database development. Our primary database experience is with SQL Server 2000/2005 and XML-based data-storage. We also have experience in the design and develop of web services that are consumed by both Windows clients and web applications.

In addition to hourly-based rates, we can also provide bids on a project basis, instead of based upon a estimated time amount.
Consulting Services $75 per hour
Database and XML $65 per hour
DNN Modules $75 per hour
Legacy Applications $75 per hour
Web Applications $75 per hour
Web Service Development $75 per hour
Windows Applications $75 per hour

Website Maintenance Plans
CustomersInFocus also offers monthly support plans, in order to help you keep your site updated and the content current. We have a variety of maintenance plans suited to meet your budget and website needs. If you choose to enroll in one of our maintenance plans, you can send us a list of changes each month, and we will implement your change-requests provided they fit within the time amounts of the plan purchased. Change-requests can also be applied to previous or future months, to provide you with added flexibility in the maintenance plan.
Basic (2 hours per month) $50 Monthly
Standard (4 hours per month) $90 Monthly
Premium (8 hours per month) $175 Monthly