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New Websites
We can quickly create a new, professional website that can be easily extended as your business needs change and grow. 

Existing Websites
We can convert your existing website into a website that is easier to maintain and extend as your business grows. 

Graphics and Logos
We can design, create, and improve new or existing graphics and logos to help your site attract more users and keep them coming back.

Web Solution Consulting
We offer consultation and advice on what web solution is right for your business, at very affordable rates.  We can also create custom web components specific to your business needs.
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How CustomersInFocus Can Help You  

What CustomersInFocus Offers
CustomersInFocus can help you turn your existing website into a web solution, and help you save valuable time and money in the process. If you do not have a website, we can provide you with a professional website in a matter of minutes.

We offer more than just run-of-the-mill website design and implementation -- we offer web solutions. If you have a website you're already happy with, we can show you how it could be improved, and taken to the next level.

When you have a web solution by CustomersInFocus, you will be able to create, publish, and manage your own web content by little more than an Internet browser, from anywhere in the world where there's an Internet connection. This enables you to realize the full potential of your web solution by using it as a business tool for effective communication with customers, partners, employees, and co-workers.

What Does Your Site Communicate?
If you are losing customers because you don't have a website, or because you have a bad one, then it's pushing your potential customers to go somewhere else. A good website will draw in customers, while a bad website will drive them away.

CustomersInFocus websites can be changed to provide new content and a new look in a matter of minutes, and can be easily customized to make it communicate your message and project a great image.

Your Website Should Work FOR You, Not Against You
Having a great website is usually an afterthought to small businesses, but having a web presence is increasingly vital to attracting new customers and keeping existing ones. Your website can become a powerful tool to help your business run more efficiently, and make potential customers look forward to doing business with you.

CustomersInFocus websites are easily, quickly extendible, and any portions of the site can be secured to allow different users access to only the areas of the site you want them to. An example of this is that your site could allow registered users to request and schedule appointments, and then notify them in advance of scheduling changes or conflicts.

The Internet is Today's Yellow Pages
An effective website today is more important than having a good ad in the Yellow Pages, and is much more powerful. Search engines like Google and MSN can now search local area businesses quickly and accurately, and if you're not listed, you'll be missing out on potential customers every time they do a search for similar businesses in your area.

CustomersInFocus web solutions are very affordable, and can give you a website that you're proud of, and one that will impress potential customers, and make them more likely to do business with you. You have only seconds to communicate your message, and a great website will attract and hold attention longer.

Update Your Website Anytime, Anywhere
With a CMS-based website (Content Management System), you can add pages, update content, and administer the website from any computer that has an Internet connection and a web browser. There's no expensive web development software to purchase, and no web developer for your business to depend on. Your website is in your hands, and you can make it as effective for your business as you want.

CustomersInFocus web solutions are based upon an open-source, Content Management System, which can be easily administered and secured by means of only a web browser and Internet connection. There may be many times when you are away from the office and need to update your site or provide information to a customer - CustomersInFocus web solutions gives you the capability to update your websites anywhere, anytime.

Fresh Content Every Day
Having frequently-updated, fresh content on your website will keep existing customers coming back to your site to see special-offers, sales, and promotions that your small business may have. Many people will only visit small business websites when they are looking for a product or service they need at that moment. If they visit your site every few months and see that nothing ever changes, they get the impression that your business is "stale" or not moving forward.

CustomersInFocus web solutions make it easy for you to keep your site looking new and exciting. Using newsletters, web-coupons, and blogs, etc are a great way to have fresh, updated content on your site and keep customers coming back to your site more frequently.

Make Your Website Grow With Your Business
As your business grows, your website needs to grow with it. And not only should your website be growing with your business, but your website should be helping drive your business's growth. Your website could start as a few simple text pages one month to selling products with a full-blown eCommerce solution the next.

At first, a small business may need only a few simple informational pages, but as the business grows, you may want to add a message board, FAQ, customer support database, eCommerce capabilities, or even a secure Intranet for you and your employees. CustomersInFocus web solutions have all of these features and more!

Keep In Contact With Your Customers
Most small businesses rely on repeat-customers to keep their sales up, and new customers for further growing their revenue. It's difficult enough to get new customers, so you should make sure you're holding on to the ones you already have!

CustomersInFocus web solutions can help you hold on to those valuable repeat-customers by HTML Newsletters, bulk-emailing, special-offer coupons, and customer information databases. By staying in frequent contact and notifying them of offers or specials, you can add that personal touch to keep you connected with your customers and build lasting business relationships.
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